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Adding value

How Mitsubishi Electric can add value to your business

Adding value

Mitsubishi Electric adds value to any business with automation solutions that help to improve productivity, increase production quality and reduce unplanned downtime.

With a comprehensive portfolio of industry leading automation components and network technologies, Mitsubishi Electric provides not only a high performance platform but also simplifies the connection requirements and decreases the complexity of the control system architecture. Real time visualisation of the plant floor enables productivity to be optimised, while at the same time Mitsubishi Electric provides the tools needed to monitor and reduce energy consumption, so helping businesses to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

The fully integrated automation solutions that Mitsubishi Electric can provide help businesses reduce development time in their production plant. Equally, preventative maintenance technologies reduce lost production due to downtime and plant unavailability.

The same automation technologies also play a key role in helping to improve cost efficiency within the business by reducing time to market for products, lowering production errors and improving output. The ability to extract data from plant floor devices helps to improve energy costs, while the fully integrated automation platform means commissioning and set up times are reduced. The result is a decrease in the Total Cost of Ownership.

As companies come to understand that improved automation leads to reduced operating costs they can benefit from Mitsubishi Electric’s ability to deliver seamless connectivity from the plant floor to the higher level enterprise systems, and from integrated solutions that offer improved reliability and productivity. Mitsubishi Electric provides a single source for all the lifecycle stages of your plant and processes, including e-F@ctory enabling technologies that help businesses realise and maximise their Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) aspirations.

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