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High speed material handling

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Mitsubishi Electric can provide a single centralized automation platform that easily interfaces with bar code readers, pick/place robots, conveyors, weighing machines, scanners and more. The CC-Link device level network provides a high speed method to integrate such devices easily and at a low cost. Even robots and conveyors can be controlled directly from the controller platform, along with interfaces to the GOT1000 HMI series for real time online control and monitoring.

From simple induction systems to the most advanced gapper designs, Mitsubishi Electric delivers with various controller performance levels from the QD75P position module to the new QD series with integrated high-speed BUS [back-plane] for fast multiple CPU communication. In addition, remote I/O and interrupt modules range from standard 20msec response times to the faster 50microsec QI60 up to the extremely fast 10microsec Q172LX devices.

CC-link compatible FR-A700 inverters coupled with CC-link remote I/O provide a very strong baseline that satisfies the majority of induction system requirements. For gapper conveyors that require an extra boost of performance, the SSCNET III based MR-J3-B servo system can be easily added into the integrated Automation Platform, taking “high speed” to a new standard.

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